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When Halesowen-based TRAC began life in 1975, the air conditioning in which it specialises was very much a luxury item.

Today, air conditioning is an essential in settings including hospitals and computer rooms while its contribution to more comfortable working and learning environments means happier and more productive staff in factories, offices and shops and more focused students in schools and colleges.

As appreciation of air conditioning has grown over the years, TRAC has developed and grown, and now includes organisations as diverse as YO! Sushi restaurants, Aston Villa Football Club and world leading artists’ materials suppliers ColArt among its clients.

As the managing director of a company with a forward-thinking approach, Ian Lowe is very conscious of the value of working with an accountant with a similar outlook. In the early 1990s, the need for that kind of dynamic accountancy led him to ags and director Steve Aston.

He explains: “In running a business, your two chief allies are your bank and your accountant. I realised that our existing accountants just weren’t proactive enough so I started to investigate further afield. I looked at three other firms, including ags, which had been recommended to me.

“When I met Steve I was impressed from the start. Since we have worked together, he has consistently put in front of me options and advice about where to go rather than just ‘doing accountancy’.”

It is that energy and innovation that make Ian a very satisfied ags customer, alongside the practical support provided through services including year end accounts preparation and payroll. He says: “For example, Steve has brought to the table some tax savings options that have proved beneficial to the business, which is the kind of expert advice we need and can trust to be absolutely above board.

“He has also introduced other useful contacts with whom we have developed productive relationships, with Steve as a party to those relationships. Although I found my own financial adviser, Steve also sits alongside me and the company and my dealings with him.

“If I hear something that sounds interesting, or need advice, the first person I speak to is Steve and if he hears something he thinks would benefit me, he’ll get in touch. That’s why the relationship works for me.”