The Wendy House Day Nursery

News Article

I first started working with Kevin Corey and AGS Accountants and Business Advisors in January 2016 and have consistently been delighted with the service I have received.

My company, The Wendy House Day Nursery, consists of two private day nurseries in the Birmingham area, accommodating c.350 children. The company’s turnover is in excess of £2M and the business is expanding, with a new facility for a further 40 children planned to complete in 2017.

From a financial perspective, the nursery previously retained the services of a traditional accountancy firm, as well as a full-time in-house finance administrator. Since transitioning to AGS, we have successfully implemented ‘virtual accounting’ online, which has enabled the business to cut the full-time headcount and salary associated with F&A.

I would emphasise that AGS, and Kevin in particular, have proven themselves to be a reliable, efficient firm, providing a more streamlined and effective service than we ever previously experienced. Specifically their approach to online accounting has made it possible for me to focus on my core business by removing all the administration and paperwork that historically stood in the way.

In addition to the core financial services provided by AGS, Kevin has also been a valuable advisor, who has supported me as I have sought to expand my business and drive it forward in the past 12 months. His knowledge is second to none and his style is approachable.

I would have no hesitation in recommending AGS to any organisation seeking a 21st Century approach to financial accounting.

Victoria Vann
Managing Director