Static Systems Group

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The founder of Static Systems Group was a man ahead of his time. In 1964, Laurence Turner OBE used his electrical engineering skills to create a pioneering solid state nurse call system and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Womborne-based business he once ran from the cellar of his home now boasts a workforce of 360 and a £20 million turnover and has around 70 per cent of the UK acute healthcare nurse call system market. Over the years, its product and service range has also expanded to include trunking and lighting for bedhead services, wireless communications, fire detection and prison alarm systems.

As a complex business, the annual audit presents particular challenges so the long-term relationship Static Systems has with ags, and director Peter Squire, is valued by managing director Adrian Turner, Laurence’s son.

He explains: “We’ve been with ags a long time, going back to the 1990s, when one of the leading accountancy firms oversaw our audit and ags did the donkey work. In 2001, the bigger firm was no longer happy with that arrangement but as we had come to feel they did not bring a great deal to the audit, we decided to give the audit work to ags.

“One of the challenges of our audit is that we have very a very diverse business, with many complex systems, ranging from accounting and risk management for the construction industry to cost accounting for manufacturing processes. Our auditors must audit all these different systems and ensure they are fit for purpose, and that is what ags do.

“We start the process with an audit opening meeting, chaired by ags, at which we assess the performance of the business throughout the year, share thoughts on issues within the business and any potential problems looking forward.

“What I particularly like is that we can ask ags to look at specific areas of the business each year in more detail, so that they can reassure us that everything is in order. That means the audit is set up around any concerns or worries – in other words, it is an intelligent audit that reflects our real needs.”

That intelligent approach to the audit is enhanced by a good working relationship with Peter Squire. Adrian says: “He attends our board meetings and if I have a financial issue or concern, I will pick up the phone and talk to him. He is very approachable, offers good advice and the benefit of another point of view. Above all, I trust him.”