Financial solutions

To keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, there will be times when you need specific financial solutions.

We will explore the options that best suit you and help you to present funding proposals effectively, to help you achieve the best available terms. Solutions include:

  • Asset finance: you may be reluctant to dip into capital that you need for further expansion to buy assets, such as equipment for a specific contract,  Asset finance options, including hire purchase and leasing agreements, can provide a cost-effective solution,
  • Commercial property: this may be new or existing property, for occupation or letting.
  • Invoice discounting and factoring: invoice discounting is an arrangement where a bank or finance company will advance money to a business against its invoices – usually 80 or 90 per cent of the value – to improve cash flow, while the business manages its own debtors. Factoring is a similar arrangement, but the bank or finance company will chase unpaid invoices.
  • Payroll finance: some businesses may not be suited to invoice discounting or factoring. With no security requirements, this form of finance allows up to 60 days revolving credit facility, based on your salary bill.
  • Refinancing: for any business refinancing, we will review the options with you regarding property, sales ledger and plant and machinery to asses the most appropriate action.
  • Stock finance: stock finance releases cash normally unavailable for working capital by unlocking the value of your stock to improve cash flow.

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